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Delivery & Returns


UK Mainland

For all Uk mainland orders, delivery will usually take 3-5 working days.





International delivery is available upon request.

Please send us your location details to

*Please note on rare occasions, international shipments may be subject to customs delays.


In some cases you may find you have made an order by mistake, simply no longer want the item or not satisfied with the item. 

Please contact us for assistance.

Please click below for our full Return & Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions....

Terms and Conditions
Booking Contract Terms and Conditions
The booking described in the booking contract is made subject to the following conditions:

1. Payment
A statement of the facilities hired and the price is shown on the booking confirmation. All sessions are payable in full at the time of booking. Receipts are sent at time of booking. Payment constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Following receipt of your booking form and payment The Golf Barn will email confirmation of your booking.


​2. The Golf Barn

The Golf Barn reserves the right at any time to withdraw the use of the facilities if they have become unfit for use, or for any other reason deemed to be appropriate, giving advanced warning, wherever possible, to the user. The hiring cost will be refunded by The Golf Barn. However, we will not be liable for any other expenses incurred by the hirer.

By the Hirer – AT LEAST 24 HOURS NOTICE notice is required to be given for cancellation of a booking by the hirer, notwithstanding any intention of re-booking at another time. Refunds will be issued if the cancellation is made 24 hours or more prior to the booking. After this period you can amend your booking to another time or day, but no refund will given.

3. Dress
Suitable footwear would be advised, trainers, golf shoes etc.

4. Attendance
Customers arriving early for a booking may not make their way into the studio until the previous booking has ended. At the end of the hiring time, users must leave the studio promptly, and will be charged at the full hourly rate for any over run.

The Golf Barn, nor any of its staff nor persons involved with the organisation of The Golf Barn accepts liability for any losses or additional expenses incurred by any participant or their parents or guardians due to injury or sickness, strikes or any other cause beyond their control whilst at a the studio.

5. Upon Arrival
Upon arriving at the gates at the top of the drive, press the intercom on the pillar or call 07886869314 and we will open the gates for you. The Golf Barn car park is located at the end of the drive on left hand side.

6. Communications
All communications will be sent to the email address provided upon booking or via your phone number provided.

7. Responsibility of the hiring organisation
The hirer is responsible for the conduct of all visitors involved with their booking, for the hire and care of any additional equipment involved and for making good any loss or damage to the property of the studio. The written consent of The Golf Barn must be obtained for any broadcast or filming rights and The Golf Barn reserves the right to take part in any negotiations and to share in any income and/or publicity therefrom. It is a condition of the booking that all regulations made by The Golf Barn for the safety and convenience of users will be observed with CCTV. The hirer shall indemnify The Golf Barn against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings arising out of the use of the studio, otherwise than as a result of the defective condition of the studio or its equipment or the wilful negligence of The Golf Barn.
There is no first aider supplied by The Golf Barn.

8. Disputes
In the event of any matter arising which is not covered by any of the preceding conditions, or concerning the interpretation of these conditions, the decision off The Golf Barn shall be final.
If a customer, parent or guardian would like to make a complaint to The Golf Barn they should contact the office by phone or email. The customer, parent or guardian will be contacted within 3 working days of the complaint being received, however the complaints procedure may take up to 2 weeks.
Phone (Philip Seed): 07861741439

9. Responsible Use
The hirer agrees to use The Golf Barn studio in accordance with the published Health and Safety guidelines.

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